Friday, August 29, 2008

How To Put On Make Up

I know a lot of people doesn't know how to put make up. This maybe helpful to you especially when you are a begginer.

Biltmore Asheville in North Carolina

Biltmore is the largest home in America. It was built way back in 18th century. It's a family owned estate. This is a perfect place for those people who love nature because it is located in the mountains and surrounded with trees, flowers, a garden and so much more.
I would love to go there again during fall or spring because when it's fall the trees will change it's color and when it's spring the flowers will look fantastic.

Rafting, Surely You'll Enjoy This!

Hubby and I were enjoying this moment. It's my first time to do this. It's kinda scary at first but when you try it, you'll love it!

This Is So Funny!

I just wanna share this to you guys. For those people who are still learning how to count don't follow this guy. This is just for fun!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Collections

One of my hobbies is collecting things like: coins, world currency, angels and stamps. I've been collecting stamps when I was in the Philippines until now. I started collecting coins and angels since I got here in United States and I've been trying to collect world currency before when I was in the Philippines but unfortunately, I spent all of them due to lack of money sometimes when I was still in school. And now I am so glad and thankful to my friends and especially my hubby for helping me and for giving up their money...heheheh.

Very Busy

Hubby and I talked about buying a desktop. We decided to go to different stores so we could have lot of options. For me, This is a wise thing to do so if ever we want to buy we'll make sure that it's worth buying. We'll make sure that if we want to buy one, we can keep it for years without having so much problems. So we went out all day yesterday just to find a good one. For standing and walking the whole day we finally found the computer that we like to have. It's an apple computer it may not be popular but it's an awesome computer. The Salesperson that we talked she said that the apple computer will not get a virus because they're the one who made all the amazing is that?...So now we're still learning and enjoying the apple computer that we bought. Well anyway, since I missed blogging yesterday I'll make sure that I would write more topics just to cover up my missing day.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I love To Cook

When I was in the Philippines I dont cook. Cooking is not my thing before because I always out and busy to other things. One time, my friend went to my house and she cooked food for our dinner. And when my Mom tried her cooking, she praised her that she's a good cook. That made me uncomfortable because I never cook on my own house and then somebody cooked for us. Then I said to myself, I need to practice how to cook just to prove myself that I can do it too. I never realized before that I can cook. I just knew it when my hubby told me that Im a good cook. I was proud of myself then, when he said that. And now I love to cook and I want to know more about cooking.
And here are the photos of the food that I cooked.